Charlotte had the great opportunity to assist on the Christmas campaign for in Studio 1 at Abbey Road Studios.

The session was spread across the day, with the full seventy-piece orchestra recorded in the morning session, the separate percussion in the afternoon, followed by mixing and mastering in the control room of Studio 1 in the evening.  Additions to the orchestra included the piano, harp, celeste as well as a mark tree and the sleigh bells.

Charlotte was on hand to assist players with parts, full scores, part alterations and on general standby for any issues that may have arose during the session.

Here is a clip of the orchestra, particularly the brass section in rehearsal:


Charlotte has completed her first major commission. The piece is a concert overture and is written for a sixty-piece orchestra with the addition of the piano and harp.

The piece was given the title, ‘Volnost’ as well as its original Polish title, ‘Wolność’ which means ‘freedom’ or ‘to be set free’.

The piece will be performed by the ‘Eroica orchestra’ who are a semi-professional orchestra based in Chichester, made up of a mixture of students and players studying at various conservatoires across the country. The orchestra will be conducted by the young and upcoming conductor, James Thomas. The performance will take place early in 2018.

Dates and details of the performance will be posted up shortly.

Charlotte had the fantastic opportunity to be involved on a recording session for Tokio Myers new and upcoming album. She was assisting on the day with preparation of parts and scores, as well as helping with the general running of the day.

The day consisted of a three-hour brass session in the morning, a gospel choir and children’s choir in the afternoon, followed by various percussive instruments played by Tokio in the evening. The session was held at Angel Studios, in Studio 1.

Below is a clip of one of the takes of the brass session:

Below is another clip of the brass session, taken from inside the control booth:

Here is a clip of the gospel choir singing one of the chorus lines to the track ‘Baltimore’:

And here is a clip of the children’s choir singing the chorus to ‘Angel’: