October 2015:

Charlotte had the privilage to spend the day in Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios, on session with the great, composer Guy Farley for the recording of his latest album for Audio Networks.

Charlotte was put in charge of the preparation of all parts and scores for the session, including following through as the recording went on, being on aide for any corrections that needed to be made.


October 2015:

Charlotte spent the day in the Hall in AIR Studios for the recording of Guy Farley and Christopher Slaski’s score of the documentary film directed by Friedrich Moser, ‘A Good American’.

Charlotte was on hand following through the session to help with any corrections that needed to be made on instrumental parts during recording.

The film was released in November 2015.


February 2016:

A full day was spent in the Hall, AIR Studios recording a reqieum composed by Guy Farley, for the film directed by Sean Ellis, ‘Antrhopoid’ which is due to be released later this year.

As librarian, Charlotte was in charge of all scores and parts for the 20-piece choir for this session.


February 2016:

Charlotte had the privilage to be on a recording for an arragement by Guy Farley on the Rosemary Clooney classic, ‘Sway’ for a Carte D’or advert. The day was spent in Studio 1, AIR Studios recording a full brass band.

Charlotte’s role as librarian was to prepare all instrumental parts for the players as well as all scores for Guy and Geoff Foster, the engineer for the session.


March 2016:

Charlotte spent the day in the Hall, AIR studios helping with the recording of Guy Farley’s re-release of the ‘Modigliani’ film album.

This particular arrangement of the main theme for cello and piano was performed by the the brilliant, Josephine Knight and Huw Watkins.

As librarin, Charlotte prepared all scores for the session.


March 2016:

Charlotte will be touring with the Thompson Twins’, Tom Bailey this summer, as his keyboard player, with dates across the UK as well as dates in LA, Arizona, Las Vegas and Florida.


May 2016:

In preparation for the Paralympics 2016, Charlotte had the oppurtunity to be a part of the recording of an arrangement by Guy Farley on Sammy Davis Jr.’s ‘Yes I Can’ for an advert on Channel 4.

This recording took place in the iconic Studio 2 of Abbey Road, where the Beatles did a vast majority of their recordings. Not only this, but the whole session was performed by the most incredible disabled and handicapped players. It was an inspirational day.

Charlotte was in charge of all parts and scores for players, the composer and the control room.