Charlotte has been involved as one of the writers/arrangers on a new upcoming track for Boy George’s new solo album, “Geminis Don’t Read The Manual”.

Charlotte arranged and performed live cello on the track, as well as wrote an original string orchestra arrangement. The track along with the album is due to be released later this year.

Isolation Textures

Charlotte’s new track, “Dopamine” is being release on a new album called ‘Isolation Textures’.

In partnership with the agent, “SISTER”, a female driven and lead agency supporting female writers, Charlotte was commissioned to write a track for this album which is focused solely on female composers.

The album will be released in the next coming month.


Charlotte will be releasing a new electric cello album later this year. The album/EP will be released across all major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, Deezer.

This album is a blend of sounds and environments solely written with the electric cello, examining the relationship between the old and new. The album is very film inspired, focusing on the unique and modern sounds created by the electric cello.


Charlotte was commissioned earlier this year to write a wedding piece for Matthew and Jane Stahl for their wedding day.

The piece was performed and recorded live at All Souls Church in Regents Street, London as Jane walked down the aisle.

‘AgapĂ©’ was the chosen title of this work, due to its relationship to the meaning of ‘love’ in Christianty as well as being one of the four ancient Greek gods of ‘love’, this god representing unconditional love.

The piece was written for violin, cello, piano, and soprano and tenor voices. Charlotte played the cello for this ceremony and recording.

Lyrics were set by Rhys Laverty from a passage from the Bible – ‘Song of songs, Chapter 2’.

Recording to follow shortly.

Charlotte has just started working with Gareth Griffiths of COOL Music for the Chamber Orchestra of London as a part-time fixer for orchestral film and tv recording sessions.

She has had the pleasure of working with Gareth on several sessions involving the Chamber Orchestra of London.

This line of work will see her in studios such as Abbey Road Studios, AIR Studios and Angel Studios on session for various film and TV projects, helping to manage and oversee session on behalf of the orchestral players.

She had her first set of sessions at Abbey Road Studio 3 and Angel Studios, Studio 1 on the TV series, ‘Vanity Fair’, music composed by Isobel Waller Bridge. ‘Vanity Fair’ will be airing later this summer in ITV.

Here is a link to the Chamber Orchestra of London’s website: