Charlotte had a great time down in Cookham with Tom and the team at a festival show for ‘Rock the Moor’.

The show was a full 80’s extravaganza, with groups and artists such as The Human League, Billy Ocean, Haircut 100 and many more.

Charlotte and the band were playing to crowds of 15-20,000 people that day in the scorching May heat.

Charlotte had the amazing opportunity to be on session for Guy Farley’s second album for Audio Networks – ‘Endeavour’ recorded in Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios.

The album is a collection of edited and re-worked pieces from his Bear Grylls’ Endeavour Live Tour work, which was recorded back in 2017. The album has been developed for use within Audio Networks libraries.

The morning session saw the string section being recorded, followed by the brass in the afternoon as well as the percussion.

Charlotte was assisting Guy on this session, helping prepare parts, scores as well as helping the players with any corrections that needed to be made on the floor.

Here is a video of the string session in the morning, recording and rehearsing:

Here is a video of the brass session in the afternoon, recording and rehearsing:

And here is a video of the percussion in the afternoon, recording and rehearsing: