hidden within – EP release – Out Now!

Charlotte has just released a new two track EP out across all major streaming platforms. This is Charlotte’s first release in 2023, with her debut album coming out a little later this year.

“The idea behind this EP was to create a world of huge aural stimuli that pushes our ears to the upmost threshold of listening and limit. But deep, hidden within, is something that we catch and latch onto. Something harmonious that keeps us there listening. I spent many days trying to hone in on the sort of sound and world I wanted the listener to experience. All instruments were recorded in the live room of my studio.”

“Stimulating our aural periphery has always been an interesting idea to me. I think more than ever these days, my ears gravitate to music and sound that makes you feel like you’re in a three dimensional world, that you’re inside the space in which this music lives. This is what I wanted to create when anyone listened to these two tracks; to be taken into their world.”

Check it out on the “Music” page or in the Spotify link below:

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