Tokio Myers – Commonwealth Games 2018 Anthem – ‘Jerusalem’

Charlotte had another great opportunity to assist on the Commonwealth Games ‘Jerusalem’ recording at Abbey Road Studios, Studio 1 for Tokio Myers, Guy Farley and Craigie Dodds.

For this recording, the old hymn, ‘Jerusalem’ was brought forward into the modern day, edited with big drum beats, Tokio at the piano as well as full orchestra and gospel choir.

With a mammoth day ahead, it started with sectional recording of the orchestra, followed by the full piece performed and filmed for the Commonwealth Games’ anthem in Studio 1. The whole of Abbey Road was hired for the day, including both Studio 2 and 3. With 300 people working throughout the studio, it was a busy 12-hour day putting the music and filming together.

Charlotte helped to assist on the floor of Studio 1 with individual parts for the players, full scores as well as general assistance. She also helped run and manage the gospel choir rehearsals up in Studio 3.

Below is a video of one of the takes from the main recording with the full orchestra:

And here is the final Commonwealth Games ‘Jerusalem’ Anthem film that was broadcast across the country:

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