Endeavour – Bear Grylls’ Live Tour 2016

Charlotte’s most recent session was at Abbey Road Studios, back in the iconic Studio 1, recording music for Bear Grylls’ Live Tour – Endeavour.

Working again with Guy Farley and the team, she was involved from the lead up to the recording, helping prepare scores as well as orchestrating small parts for the players, right up to the last stages of the mixing process, which was done back at AIR Studios in Studio 2.

It was a full day, with recording starting at 10am with the full orchestra in the morning. In the latter half of the day, the ethnic instruments, vocal and piano parts were recorded with mix preparation in the evening.

All the music that was recorded at Abbey Road Studios will be accompanying Bear on stage as the action takes place. The tour begins this October, and Bear will be touring across the UK, right up until the end of the year.

Here is a short video of one of the cues that was recorded on the day:

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