‘That Good Night’ Session at AIR Studios

Charlotte had another amazing opportunity, again at AIR Studios in Hampstead, in Studio 1 and the Hall, assisting on the recording session of ‘That Good Night’. This was John Hurt’s last film before his passing, seeing Charles Dance acting alongside him.

The session was spread across two days, of which the first day saw the recording of the Portuguese ensemble in Studio 1. This was a mix of Spanish guitars, mandolin, the accordion and an upright bass. There were also some separate piano cues recorded. The second day saw the recording of the full orchestra, this time in the Hall with strings and woodwind.

Charlotte oversaw organising the days, putting together a rigorous schedule of cues that needed to be recorded on the first day with the Portuguese band and the orchestra as a whole, and more separate piano cues on the second day. With 44 cues and 43 minutes of music to get recorded, there was a lot of pressure on the day to get things right. She also oversaw the distribution of parts and help with both the band and orchestra across the two days.

Here are two cues recorded from the second day with the full orchestra. These two cues were two of the final cues from the film being rehearsed before being put down as final takes:

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