Fixing work with the Chamber Orchestra of London – Gareth Griffiths – COOL Music

Charlotte has just started working with Gareth Griffiths of COOL Music for the Chamber Orchestra of London as a part-time fixer for orchestral film and tv recording sessions.

She has had the pleasure of working with Gareth on several sessions involving the Chamber Orchestra of London.

This line of work will see her in studios such as Abbey Road Studios, AIR Studios and Angel Studios on session for various film and TV projects, helping to manage and oversee session on behalf of the orchestral players.

She had her first set of sessions at Abbey Road Studio 3 and Angel Studios, Studio 1 on the TV series, ‘Vanity Fair’, music composed by Isobel Waller Bridge. ‘Vanity Fair’ will be airing later this summer in ITV.

Here is a link to the Chamber Orchestra of London’s website:

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