Charlotte has completed her first major commission. The piece is a concert overture and is written for a sixty-piece orchestra with the addition of the piano and harp.

The piece was given the title, ‘Volnost’ as well as its original Polish title, ‘Wolność’ which means ‘freedom’ or ‘to be set free’.

The piece will be performed by the ‘Eroica orchestra’ who are a semi-professional orchestra based in Chichester, made up of a mixture of students and players studying at various conservatoires across the country. The orchestra will be conducted by the young and upcoming conductor, James Thomas. The performance will take place early in 2018.

Dates and details of the performance will be posted up shortly.

Charlotte had the fantastic opportunity to be involved on a recording session for Tokio Myers new and upcoming album. She was assisting on the day with preparation of parts and scores, as well as helping with the general running of the day.

The day consisted of a three-hour brass session in the morning, a gospel choir and children’s choir in the afternoon, followed by various percussive instruments played by Tokio in the evening. The session was held at Angel Studios, in Studio 1.

Below is a clip of one of the takes of the brass session:

Below is another clip of the brass session, taken from inside the control booth:

Here is a clip of the gospel choir singing one of the chorus lines to the track ‘Baltimore’:

And here is a clip of the children’s choir singing the chorus to ‘Angel’:

After recently joining the Johnny Hates Jazz team, Charlotte had her first gigs with the team across a weekend in the north of England.

The first gig found Charlotte up in Lytham for the Lytham Festival, playing alongside bands such as Living in a Box and the Human League. She later played In Scarborough as well as the Rewind North 80’s Festival, one of the biggest 80’s festivals in the UK, with an audience of up to 20,000 people.

For these gigs, Charlotte has been playing piano as well as singing backing vocals.

Charlotte had another fantastic opportunity playing with the Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey at the Walled Garden Festival 2017, at Brightling Park.

The Festival is held annually and is situated in the Walled Garden itself, which is a natural amphitheater.

The band played their full set list for the show, with a turnout of over 600 people.

Charlotte has had the great opportunity to be working with the very talented pianist and artist, Tokio Myers. He has released several singles and EP’s over the last couple of years.

Tokio is currently in the process of creating his new album after being signed by Syco Sony which is due to be released sometime later this year.

As the runner for the sessions, Charlotte has been on hand assisting within the studio for Tokio, the producers, Guy Farley and Craigie Dodds, as well as engineer, Hugh Fothergill. She has also recorded cello and sung backing vocals for several tracks on the album.

Over the last year, Charlotte has been working on her biggest piece of work to date. Earlier in 2016, She was commissioned by the young, upcoming conductor, James Thomas to write a concert overture for 60 players for the Eroica orchestra.

The piece will be performed in concert later this year, alongside other well-known concert repertoire.

The piece has now reached the scoring stages of preparation, with small tweaks and alterations being made before being sent off to the printers.

Johnny Hates Jazz

Charlotte has recently joined the 80’s band, Johnny Hates Jazz with original band members, Clark Datchler and Mike Nocito. She will be playing gigs across the country as well abroad. She will be joining them for her first gigs throughout the summer festival season in the UK.

Charlotte has made it into this quarterly edition of PRS for Music’s ‘M Magazine’. She is featured in the ‘Just Joined’ section on page 4.

‘M Magazine’ is distributed to over 120,000 composers, songwriters and music publisher members, contains PRS news and features on the creative community within the music industry.

Here is the online link below to the article found in the magazine:

Charlotte had another fantastic trip with the Tom Bailey team, this time out on an 80’s Cruise ship, dotting around the Caribbean. The cruise stopped at Cozumel, Mexico, The Cayman Islands finally finishing in Jamaica.

She spent a week out with the team, performing two gigs on the first night of the cruise. The full set list was played for both gigs, receiving a warm reception from an almost sold out crowd of 900 strong. The gigs were played in the front of the boat in the ‘Celebrity Theatre’.

Above is a video of the last set list song, ‘Hold Me Now’. Charlotte can been seen on Tom’s right hand side of the stage.

Charlotte had another amazing opportunity, again at AIR Studios in Hampstead, in Studio 1 and the Hall, assisting on the recording session of ‘That Good Night’. This was John Hurt’s last film before his passing, seeing Charles Dance acting alongside him.

The session was spread across two days, of which the first day saw the recording of the Portuguese ensemble in Studio 1. This was a mix of Spanish guitars, mandolin, the accordion and an upright bass. There were also some separate piano cues recorded. The second day saw the recording of the full orchestra, this time in the Hall with strings and woodwind.

Charlotte oversaw organising the days, putting together a rigorous schedule of cues that needed to be recorded on the first day with the Portuguese band and the orchestra as a whole, and more separate piano cues on the second day. With 44 cues and 43 minutes of music to get recorded, there was a lot of pressure on the day to get things right. She also oversaw the distribution of parts and help with both the band and orchestra across the two days.

Here are two cues recorded from the second day with the full orchestra. These two cues were two of the final cues from the film being rehearsed before being put down as final takes: