Charlotte was commissioned earlier this year to write a wedding piece for Matthew and Jane Stahl for their wedding day.

The piece was performed and recorded live at All Souls Church in Regents Street, London as Jane walked down the aisle.

‘Agapé’ was the chosen title of this work, due to its relationship to the meaning of ‘love’ in Christianty as well as being one of the four ancient Greek gods of ‘love’, this god representing unconditional love.

The piece was written for violin, cello, piano, and soprano and tenor voices. Charlotte played the cello for this ceremony and recording.

Lyrics were set by Rhys Laverty from a passage from the Bible – ‘Song of songs, Chapter 2’.

Recording to follow shortly.

Charlotte has just started working with Gareth Griffiths of COOL Music for the Chamber Orchestra of London as a part-time fixer for orchestral film and tv recording sessions.

She has had the pleasure of working with Gareth on several sessions involving the Chamber Orchestra of London.

This line of work will see her in studios such as Abbey Road Studios, AIR Studios and Angel Studios on session for various film and TV projects, helping to manage and oversee session on behalf of the orchestral players.

She had her first set of sessions at Abbey Road Studio 3 and Angel Studios, Studio 1 on the TV series, ‘Vanity Fair’, music composed by Isobel Waller Bridge. ‘Vanity Fair’ will be airing later this summer in ITV.

Here is a link to the Chamber Orchestra of London’s website:

Charlotte had a great time down in Cookham with Tom and the team at a festival show for ‘Rock the Moor’.

The show was a full 80’s extravaganza, with groups and artists such as The Human League, Billy Ocean, Haircut 100 and many more.

Charlotte and the band were playing to crowds of 15-20,000 people that day in the scorching May heat.

Charlotte had the amazing opportunity to be on session for Guy Farley’s second album for Audio Networks – ‘Endeavour’ recorded in Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios.

The album is a collection of edited and re-worked pieces from his Bear Grylls’ Endeavour Live Tour work, which was recorded back in 2017. The album has been developed for use within Audio Networks libraries.

The morning session saw the string section being recorded, followed by the brass in the afternoon as well as the percussion.

Charlotte was assisting Guy on this session, helping prepare parts, scores as well as helping the players with any corrections that needed to be made on the floor.

Here is a video of the string session in the morning, recording and rehearsing:

Here is a video of the brass session in the afternoon, recording and rehearsing:

And here is a video of the percussion in the afternoon, recording and rehearsing:

Charlotte had another great opportunity to assist on the Commonwealth Games ‘Jerusalem’ recording at Abbey Road Studios, Studio 1 for Tokio Myers, Guy Farley and Craigie Dodds.

For this recording, the old hymn, ‘Jerusalem’ was brought forward into the modern day, edited with big drum beats, Tokio at the piano as well as full orchestra and gospel choir.

With a mammoth day ahead, it started with sectional recording of the orchestra, followed by the full piece performed and filmed for the Commonwealth Games’ anthem in Studio 1. The whole of Abbey Road was hired for the day, including both Studio 2 and 3. With 300 people working throughout the studio, it was a busy 12-hour day putting the music and filming together.

Charlotte helped to assist on the floor of Studio 1 with individual parts for the players, full scores as well as general assistance. She also helped run and manage the gospel choir rehearsals up in Studio 3.

Below is a video of one of the takes from the main recording with the full orchestra:

And here is the final Commonwealth Games ‘Jerusalem’ Anthem film that was broadcast across the country:

Charlotte along with the Tom Bailey team travelled out to Australia for two weeks, supporting Culture Club on the last leg of their tour through November and December.

Shows saw the group in major arenas and stadiums in cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and many more.

Here are a few pictures from the tour. Tom and the band found themselves on stage with Boy George and the rest of Culture Club for “Karma Chameleon”, the last song of their set.

Culture Club Australia 2017 Tour

Charlotte along with the Tom Bailey team will be travelling out to Australia for two weeks of gigs supporting Culture Club on the last leg of their Australia 2017 Tour.

Shows will be performed across the end of the November through to the middle of December at cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and many more.

The band will be supporting Boy George on each of his headline gigs across each venue and city.

Charlotte recently had another great set of gigs with the Johnny Hates Jazz team. The gigs were part of two separate 80’s nights’ events in Skegness and Bognor Regis.

The band had one hour sets on both nights to a crowd of excited 80’s fans with each venue reaching a capacicty of 500 people.

Charlotte was playing piano and singing backing vocals.

Below is clip of the band in sound check rehearsing ‘Me and my Foolish Heart’:

Charlotte had the great opportunity to assist on the Christmas campaign for in Studio 1 at Abbey Road Studios.

The session was spread across the day, with the full seventy-piece orchestra recorded in the morning session, the separate percussion in the afternoon, followed by mixing and mastering in the control room of Studio 1 in the evening.  Additions to the orchestra included the piano, harp, celeste as well as a mark tree and the sleigh bells.

Charlotte was on hand to assist players with parts, full scores, part alterations and on general standby for any issues that may have arose during the session.

Here is a clip of the orchestra, particularly the brass section in rehearsal: